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ending the cycle

"I come from generational brokenness of all sorts.  Addiction, homelessness, poverty…to say the least.  I have had my significant hurdles along the way and, each time, Tandem was there for me and my children. Without missing a beat, they stepped into provide whatever resources I needed in the moment.  


Whether it was making sure my children had clothing or helping me navigate through the personal traumas in therapy and support groups, or helping really me stand up to the generational brokenness in my family and be able to say “this stops here”.   


No longer will I be a victim of my circumstances or my environment.  I have children who depend on me not only to make it as a survivor, but to be a conqueror and face my giants head on.  I am able to do that fully today, BOLDLY with confidence, knowing that I am never alone. In fact, I have never felt alone with this team of women who make me feel so loved. 


I can see how God is using my story to heal those around me. My children, myself, and even other mamas at Tandem, to break those generational curses of brokenness. But that is the beauty of how God works. It’s a reminder to me that even in the midst of struggle – there is something beautiful being crafted under the surface by God."

   xo, Brenda

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