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Moxie was created as an extension of Tandem Resource Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women and children in crisis. As the needs of our mamas and littles grew, we knew we needed to expand our programming and our reach. Our passion at Tandem is that every mama finds a community to belong, and have the resources and the support she needs to thrive.  

For more than 40 years, motherhood has been the intersection at which we meet the families we serve. Tandem has been their soft place to land, offering a full spectrum of support and services to equip them in breaking the cycle of crisis in their lives.  

We believe passionately, that when you have a group fo people in your corner, who are deeply invested in you, you can overcome any crisis.  Because the truth is - we will all face crisis at some point - it's inevitable. Tandem exists so no-one has to face it alone. 

With this big dream comes the need for additional funding - thus Moxie was formed. 

As a nonprofit, fundraising is challenging.  Tandem is committed to thinking outside the box to ensure that the work we do in this community remains stable and strong.   100% of Moxie's profits are dedicated to Tandem.  This provides a sustainable funding source that allows everyone to participate from anywhere in the world!   You can shop in store...or online!  


Together, we have a beautiful opportunity to make an impact that will absolutely change the trajectory of so many lives.  THANK YOU for being a part of this mission with us!


Tandem expands adding 2,200 sq. ft. to house education and outreach efforts.  In the same year, we become an independent clinic.

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As Tandem’s big vision continues to expand in areas of transitional housing, childcare, education and empowerment.  We consistently serve 4,500 mamas and 6,000 littles each year and the needs continue to rise.

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Dedicated to providing quality and holistic programs that come alongside our mamas, Tandem was challenged in finding the balance between constant fundraising and being present to actually do the work we were called. Talks began about developing self-sustainable income from an avenue other than fundraising. While a coffee shop, commercial kitchen and more ideas were considered, it was decided that a high-end thrift boutique was the best source of revenue.


Tandem undertakes a huge renovation transforming our current children’s thrift store into a high-end thrift & gift boutique that will sell women’s and men’s clothing and shoes, home décor, and specialty gift items. 

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Tandem officially opens Moxie for business in our community!

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